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Coral One
+ Unity

Coral One
+ Unity

Coral One
+ Unity

The perfect solution for TPA's, Care Navigation Companies, advisors and brokers who want to add more value on have 50 - 5,000 life groups

You decide who's in or out of network

Turn Key Zero out of Pocket Program

Custom Tailored for your clients

Add your contracts, and bring them with you for any client with any TPA or RBP vendor

Connect with Unity to have contracts made for you
No more Access Issues

No more Noise


1,000,000+ services

25,000+ top specialists

Fully Integrated Navigation

Don't have a care navigation group? no problem. 
We've partnered with the top 10% of nurses who use Coral, to give you a turn key solution to implement in your plans for no additional PEPM.

Custom network Development

Unity is your network solution that you control, that adds providers where you need them most. 
No More Noise.

Monthly Testimonials

We'll send you hero stories from patients each month. So anytime you meet with your client, you have good news to share.

Geo-Access Reports

Ask us for any access report you need, and we'll provide it back to you within 48 hours.

API for any TPA/RBP vendor

Plug Coral One + Unity into any plan with any TPA and any RBP vendor. We can share everything you need via API

Access Updates

We update patients via text when their doctor is added to the open-network

Become the Hero of your Health Plan

No more noise
No more access issues

Zero out of Pocket made easy.

Sign up today


Combine what's best for you

Coral One (for sales)

Turn Key solution bring more clients to the future.

+Includes 5 Free Provider nominations per month. 

$899 / Month for access
+ $600 per additional team member


Unity Preferred

Industry redefining network solution that eliminates noise and access issues.

Unity Preferred can fit any pricing model your clients need, from PEPM to % savings.

Coral Platform

For Care Navigators and DPCs who care.

The Coral Platform charges a low transaction fee with a maximum cap.

Special DPC pricing Available starting Q4 2023

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