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New Era Policy Member Form

Coral Direct   For New Era Members


Fill in the form, and we'll get back to you within 2 business days via Email.


Over 1,793,230+ Fixed Rate medical services on Coral.

Coral only has providers, who we'd feel comfortable sending our own parents to. You'll have a VIP experience the whole way through.

Only the top 1% of Surgeons Qualify to participate in the Coral Program 

-This is not for urgent cases.
-Inpatient services are not available through this program.

If you're unable to drive, and do not live near a major metro area, it can be difficult to find top tier providers to care for you.

Neither Coral, New Era, nor your agent is responsible if you delay care. Delaying care may have serious health consequences. Do not delay care you need.

Coral is not available for members who have plans under the Affordable Care Act, Medicare or Medicaid.

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