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Do you want to remove the middleman in healthcare and have direct access to specialists, surgeons and centers of excellence who offer transparent and fair prices?  Coral enables you to start or scale your own direct contract program, and reduce your claims costs by 20-30%.  With one simple and easy to use platform you can establish and build out your own direct contract network using the largest pool of existing providers, or invite your own providers to join.

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One Contract - Thousands of Providers

With one click, connect to the thousands of providers on Coral.

That’s over 2 million covered bundles, and more than 6,500+ Locations 

Centers of Excellence included for no additional fee

Get transparent upfront pricing for everything


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One workflow - For Every Provider Nationwide

Find a provider, send them a case. Get notified when you need to check Coral. It’s that easy.
On average, a three person care navigator team can manage between 400-1000 cases per month on Coral. 

 your members a VIP experience. 

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Good bye email threads, hello Coral Communication. Manage all of your referrals, for all providers in one place.

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Chat with the provider
Chat with your own team
Chat with the patient

All in one place.

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Contract Manager

Coral will make a heat map of your population, and find providers who meet your needs.

Connect with providers and build a relationship.

Review their services and add them to your direct contract playlist for your team to use.

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Fully integrated, and fully customizable.
Always on, so your call center doesn’t have to be.
30-50% boost in engagement in your direct contract plan.

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User experience - redefined

Coral is extremely easy to use, and takes on average less than 10 minutes to learn.

One Scheduler and One billing person can usually process 300-600 referrals a month in Coral.

Our staff is dedicated to making sure you and your team know exactly what to do, and when to do it. 

Training is available anytime online with one of our deployment specialists. 

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